Essential Hair Care Tips For Men

Just because you're in Zoom meetings doesn't mean your coworkers can't still see your hair! Keeping those tresses clean and conditioned is important year-round, but it's especially crucial in the harsher winter weather.

Look after your locks with these five simple tips from top men’s hair stylist Anthony Mayes.

1. Wash away

A lot of people think washing your hair every day is bad for it, but that’s not true – as long as you use a professional-quality shampoo (ones sold in salons). That’s important because they don’t tend to contain parabens or other ingredients that can cause dryness. You can also use a scalp toner to look after your scalp health.

2. Good condition

Conditioning is a good thing because it smooths and softens the hair and takes care of the hair cuticle. However, people with finer hair types can find that some conditioners are a little too heavy because they act like a sealant. If that’s the case, you don’t have to use a conditioner every time you wash it.

3. Tone up

If your scalp is dry or itchy, it’s usually because your hair product is too harsh – and that’s another good reason to consider using a toner. It might seem contradictory but scalp dryness might actually be what’s making your hair greasy, because a dry scalp releases more sebum, which can be hard to control.

4. Keep your cool

Hair is stronger than you think, but if you’re drying your hair aggressively it will come out, especially if you have fine hair. Excessive heat and tension is bad for hair, so if you’re using a strong brush and high heat you’ll damage your hair. Using a hairdryer every day is fine but don’t use it on the hottest settings.

5. Keep it natural

A lot of brands, such as Hanz de Fuko and Balman, are bringing out products which contain plant extracts, argon oil, jojoba butters – even waxes have some natural ingredients in them that nourish the hair. So use the best-quality products you can, and also consider restorative products such as leave-in conditioners.

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